Nationwide Coverage

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Map depicts approximation of coverage. Services are generally available within the operating range of our wireless system in your service area. The Services we provide you depend on over-the-air radio transmissions. As a result, many factors can affect your ability to make and receive calls on your wireless phone and the quality of those calls. These factors include your location, the conditions of the atmosphere, the terrain, nearby buildings and other structures. In addition, there may be times when you cannot make calls, you have difficulty making calls on our system, or your calls are interrupted. This may occur in response to suspected fraud, abuse, misuse of the network, hacking or viruses, or because (1) the number of calls being made or received exceeds the capacity of a part of our system, (2) a portion of our system breaks or fails to operate as expected, (3) a problem occurs with service we purchase from someone else, (4) we are improving our system or performing maintenance work, (5) an accident occurs, or (6) events occur that are outside of our control. Interruption may also result from nonpayment of charges by you. At such times, Service, including calls or attempted calls to emergency services like 911, may be interrupted or fail, and/or the quality of calls may be poor. In some severe cases, service to a geographic area may be eliminated altogether. c. Any statements by Immix Wireless, its employees, representatives or agents about the coverage of our system are only intended to describe approximately the Immix Wireless coverage in your service area. You should not interpret any such statement to mean that Service will be available without interruption in your service area.



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