Can I change my rate plan at any time?

Immix wants you to get the most out of your wireless plan. Please contact us to discuss your usage and we can help find a rate plan that will enhance your lifestyle (certain restrictions may apply). <top>

Can I upgrade or replace my existing wireless phone?

Immix is happy to assist you in the process of choosing and activating a new phone (certain restrictions may apply). Please contact us to determine your eligibility. <top>

What if my phone is lost or stolen?

Immediately contact an Immix Wireless Customer Care Representative at 888-249-8030. You are responsible for all charges that may be incurred until you contact us. Please contact your local police department to file a lost/stolen property report.

Equipment replacement is available and insures your wireless phone against theft, fire, vandalism, loss, or accidental damage not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. To add equipment replacement to your agreement, just dial 611 from your Immix Wireless phone and a Customer Care Representative will add it to your account. <top>

I was under contract when my phone was stolen. Am I still responsible for fulfilling my contract?

Yes, although your wireless phone was stolen you are still responsible for fulfilling your contractual obligation. <top>

Why isn't my phone working?

First, make sure that your phone is turned ON and that your battery is charged and functioning properly. Second, make sure the area you are calling from provides GSM coverage and has a good wireless signal. Third, make sure you are dialing correctly. Ongoing technical problems can indicate a problem with your phone equipment. Please contact us and we can help you determine if there is a problem with your wireless phone or your service. <top>]

Can I receive a call when my wireless phone is OFF?

The phone must be powered ON in order for you to receive a call. However, if your phone is OFF, your Immix Wireless voice mail will allow a caller to leave a message when you are not available to answer a call. <top>

I am traveling outside my calling area. Will I be able to use my Immix Wireless phone?

It depends which calling plan you have chosen. Some plans include nationwide calling and some plans are designed for local calling only. Please contact us to discuss your travel plans so we can assist in determining what plan you have chosen and how best to ensure that you will have wireless communications while you are away from home. <top>

What do I do if my phone is damaged?

If you believe your phone is damaged, please return to the place you purchased it from. You will need:

• your receipt or proof of purchase
• the phone
• all equipment used or purchased with the phone.

If your phone is no longer under warranty and you have wireless phone insurance, you may contact Customer Care at 888-249-8030 for help filing a claim. <top>

How can I protect my phone from unauthorized calls?

Most wireless phones have security lock codes for protection against unauthorized use. Once the phone is locked, this same code must be entered to place calls. Remember to lock your phone when leaving your phone unattended. To prevent unauthorized calls to your phone and to protect your privacy, Immix Wireless will not give anyone your wireless number to anyone. <top>

How can I protect myself against fraud?

To protect yourself against fraud, we recommend the following:

• Do not lend your phone to strangers or leave it unattended at anytime
• Lock your phone with the security code
• Protect sensitive documents such as subscriber agreements, which include electronic serial numbers on your wireless phone.

If fraud is determined, you may be required to change your number to help protect yourself and Immix Wireless. <top>


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